Revamped TSM Settings! - The Lazy Goldmaker (2024)

I have been publishing my TSM settings alongside my posts on applied gold making since I started. I have not been as diligent in keeping them up to date as I had wished however. Time to rectify that.

Just a heads-up. TSM is experiencing issues with the Blizzard API currently. All the legion crafted items with Bonus IDs are missing Auction database values. This means that most of my operations will evaluate to invalid prices. Hopefully they can get it fixed as soon as possible.

If you are a new reader and you are unfamiliar with TSM it is short for tradeskillmaster. It is the most powerful gold making addon in the game with an accompanying desktop app and premium service. I suggest checking their recommended guides section to get started. It is the only reason I am able to make as much gold as I do. I use it to pay for 2 accounts using token and I am currently sitting at about 12 million gold total.

The goal of publishing my settings has always been to provide simple plug and play settings for the most important markets in the game. I generally rely on very simple formulas so my setup can be used plug and play or you can look at my settings to get some inspiration.

I have not published a full profile, as I think it is more robust if I publish my groups separately. That way people can mix and match my groups with other imports.

Market coverage

All of the settings I have published are groups and operations I personally use. I cover all of the legion crafting professions except alchemy and Blacksmithing. I have sadly not gotten them active on level 110, but I am working on rectifying that as soon as I can, and that will be my number one priority going forward.


My settings have been very popular with 20k total unique views. This puts quite a bit of responsibility on my shoulders. Make sure you search my blog to read the guides for the markets that were published at the same time as my TSM group.

To make the pastebin containing all my settings even easier to reach I have added a new top level page to my website linking to it.

Since I started publishing settings there have been several changes to crafting professions. One of the most notable ones is the increase in base item level for the crafted gear upgradeable with obliterum. These changes mean that my old groups do not contain the right items anymore. I’ve listed all the groups where the items in the group has been changed below.

  • Leatherworking: Dreadleather and Gravenscale items updated to the 850 versions
  • Tailoring: Imbued Silkweave updated to contain 850 versions
  • Jewelcrafting: Updated to include 850 rings and necklaces
  • Jewelcrafting: Created a new 7.3 Jewelcrafting group
  • Obliterum: added Primal Obliterum

In addition to updating the group structure, I have tinkered with the pricing settings of my groups. I have already written about some of these changes, for instance for Legion materials. It is still a good time for a total pass over all my groups however.

Legion materials

I recently revisited my Legion Material flipping settings. It now features 5 auctioning operations to post auctions in as many stack sizes as possible to maximize the potential buyers. I also added an average buy price to check to the minimum price to safe guard the profit margin against changes in the market price.

BoE Flipping

I have improved my BoE flipping settings quite a bit over time. I have added checks for region market average if your realm does not have a market value price. I have also updated the undercut settings. I also increased my normal posting price as the Suramar multibox farm was recently nerfed and I expect supply to start going down as this was by far the most popular spot for BoE farming.


For obliterum I have added operations with multiple stack sizes just as for my Legion material groups. This ensures that I have good sizes for as many possible buyers as I can. I currently use 1, 5 and 10, but I will probably experiment with one or two more settings in some odd stack sizes.


For cooking the main innovation was to add more stack sizes. My settings now post food in stacks of 5, 10 and 20. I will likely experiment more with the setup here as well to maximize my coverage. I might try some odd stack sizes, something I know Gumdrops has been using to great effect both for food and potions.

Revamped TSM Settings! - The Lazy Goldmaker (2024)


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