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If you’re looking to buy gold as an investment option, then gold bullion coins offer a great place to start. Gold coins offer beautiful designs known the world over and many come with gold purity and weight backed by central governments and issued by sovereign mints. You’ll find no shortage of gold bullion coins available to purchase when you shop online. In fact, the most difficult task you’ll face may just be choosing which coins you want in your portfolio! Below is an overview of the some of the most popular gold bullion coins available today.

American Gold Coins

The United States Mint is the sovereign mint of the United States of America and the only one authorized to produce American gold coins. Since 1794, the US Mint has issued both circulation gold currency and bullion gold coinage. From 1794 to 1933, the United States issued circulation gold coins in 22-karat gold (1794-1837) and .900 pure gold content (1838-1933). In 1986, the United States reintroduced gold coinage with gold bullion coins for investment and collection. The following are examples of American gold coins for sale:

  • American Gold Eagle: The American Gold Eagle coin is the official gold bullion coin from the United States, and the coins debuted in 1986. Each Gold Eagle features 22-karat gold for both bullion, proof, and burnished coins. The bullion and proof coins include 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, and 1/10 oz coins, while the burnished coin has just a 1 oz option. All coins feature Lady Liberty from Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ 1907 design on the obverse, with Miley Busiek’s family of bald eagles on the reverse.
  • American Gold Buffalo: The Gold Buffalo is based upon the original Buffalo Nickel design from 1913. Created by James Earle Fraser, it features a Native American tribal member on the obverse and an American bison on the reverse. The American Gold Buffalo debuted in 2006 as the first-ever 24-karat gold coin from the US Mint.
  • Pre-33 US Gold Coins: All coins in this category are former circulation pieces once used in American commercial transactions. Designs include the Liberty Gold Half Eagle coin and Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ famous $20 Gold Double Eagle coin.

Australian Gold Coins

When you shop for gold from Australia, you’ll find options from both the Perth Mint of Western Australia and the sovereign Royal Australian Mint in Canberra. The former mint opened in 1899 as a facility within the Royal Mint of England system in Australia, while the latter opened following the Currency Act of 1965 as the new sovereign mint of Australia. The most popular gold coin from Australia is a Gold Kangaroo, which is available different designs from both the Perth Mint and Royal Australian Mint. Examples of other Perth Mint gold from Australia include:

  • Lunar Series II (2008-2019)
  • Lunar Series III (2020-2031)
  • Gold Nugget (1986-1989)/Gold Kangaroo (1990-present)
  • Gold Brumby (2020-present)
  • Gold Swan (2017-present)
  • Gold Wedge Tailed Eagle (2014-present)

Austrian Gold Coins

The Austrian Mint is responsible for issuing one of the first great gold bullion coin programs. Debuting in 1989, the Austrian Gold Philharmonic is the nation’s official gold coin and reflects the arts and culture of Austria as represented by the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra. The Gold Philharmonic coins debuted in 1989 with 1 oz and 1/4 oz options, and over time has grown to include 1/10 oz (1991), 1/2 oz (1994), and 1/25 oz (2014) coins. Gold Philharmonic coins had face values in Austrian Schillings from 1989 to 2001, and following the adoption of the European Union common currency in 2002 issued the coins with face values in Euros (€).

British Gold Coins

The most visible gold coin for sale from the Royal Mint of England is the Gold Britannia. Introduced in 1987, the coins feature a modern design of Britannia on the reverse that was designed by Philip Nathan. Mr. Nathan’s design was the winning artwork chosen following an art competition the Royal Mint hosted to find a new Britannia image. On the obverse of all Gold Britannia coins is the effigy of Britain’s ruling monarch, with the designs regularly updated to reflect the monarch’s age. Modern effigies for the Britannia include the following:

  • 1987-1997: Raphael Maklouf’s third-generation bust of Elizabeth II wearing the George IV State Diadem in a timeless, regal portrait.
  • 1998-2015: Ian Rank-Broadley’s depiction of Elizabeth II with the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara on her head.
  • 2016-2023: Jody Clark’s definitive, final effigy of Elizabeth II depicts the monarch aged 89 years with the George IV State Diadem on her head.
  • 2023-present: His Majesty King Charles III graces the coins in left-profile relief. This design from Martin Jennings depicts the king wearing a suit with no crown on his head.

Beyond the Gold Britannia, The Royal Mint has issued a range of other notable gold coins, including:

  • Sovereign
  • Queen’s Beasts (2016-2021)
  • Tudor Beasts (2022-ongoing)

Canadian Gold Coins

The Royal Canadian Mint is the official sovereign mint of Canada, and it issues both popular bullion gold coins and commemorative gold coins. The Royal Canadian Mint popularly uses .9999 pure gold in almost all of its gold coinage, which includes the following options:

  • Canadian Gold Maple Leaf: The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf was issued in 1979, making it the second-oldest gold bullion coin behind only the South African Gold Krugerrand coin. Originally issued in .999 pure gold, from November 1982 onward the coins have included .9999 pure gold content.
  • Canadian Call of the Wild: The Call of the Wild offers new designs with each release, but more impressively, the coins come with .99999 pure gold content. Each one has a new wild species common across Canada, with reverse designs that include radiating lines meant to reflect the actual call of the animals.

Chinese Gold Coins

The Chinese Mint is the official sovereign mint of the People’s Republic of China and produces the nation’s official gold bullion coin. Introduced in 1982 with 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, and 1/10 oz coins in .999 pure gold with the image of a Giant Panda on the reverse. In 1983, the Chinese Mint increased the offering to feature a 1/20 oz coin as well. As of 2016, the coins are issued with Gram weights that correspond to the above (in order) as 30 Gram, 15 Gram, 8 Gram, 3 Gram, and 1 Gram gold.

From 1982 to 2000, the Chinese Gold Panda coins were available with certain face values in Yuan that were later changed in 2001 to new denominations. The previous and current face values are as follows (initial-current by weight):

  • 1 oz: 100 Yuan – 500 Yuan
  • 1/2 oz: 50 Yuan – 200 Yuan
  • 1/4 oz: 25 Yuan – 100 Yuan
  • 1/10 oz: 10 Yuan – 50 Yuan
  • 1/20 oz: 5 Yuan – 20 Yuan

Mexican Gold Coins

The Mexican Mint issues the official gold bullion for the nation of Mexico. Backed by the federal government and Banco de Mexico, the nation’s central bank, the Mexican Gold Libertad coin debuted in 1981 and has been available annually since 1991. The coin series includes 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/10 oz, and 1/20 oz options. The Gold Libertads feature depictions of the Mexican coat of arms and Winged Victory.

Somalian Gold Coins

Issued by the Bavarian State Mint in Germany, the Somalian Gold Elephant collection debuted in 1999 as a Zambian Elephant Series. Since 2004, the coins have been issued for Somalia. The Gold Coins offer some of the greatest diversity you’ll find in any gold bullion coin collection. In addition to a 1 oz coin, the bullion coin is also available in 1/2 oz, 1/25 oz, 1/50 oz, and 1/2 Gram coins. These coins feature the Somali coat of arms on one side, with a new depiction each year of the African bush elephant on the reverse.

South African Gold Coins

Without question, the South African Gold Krugerrand is the most widely known gold coin in the world. The first bullion coin introduced for private investment, the Gold Krugerrand arrived from the South African Mint in 1967. For more than a decade, the Krugerrand was the only gold coin available to private buyers and has survived a Western economic boycott and the end of apartheid to remain a worldwide symbol of South African gold. The Gold Krugerrand features the images of Paul Kruger on the obverse and a Springbok antelope on the reverse.

Buying Gold Bullion Coins from JM Bullion

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