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Memories are made around the dining table. Whether it’s sharing a meal while spilling gossip with your bffs, catching up with cousins you haven’t seen in a while, or listening to your uncle tell that same story he tells every year, we cherish the time we spend in the dining room with our friends and family.

There’s never a bad time to get your dining room looking the best that it can be. So today on the blog, we’re sharing our top tips on how to make your dining room look expensive and elevated. Enjoy!

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#1. Add Statement Lighting to Your Dining Room

Buying a new lighting fixture is a small investment, but if you’re going to splurge on anything for the dining room (besides your table, naturally), it should be for beautiful lighting. More often than not, the chandelier above a dining table is at the center of the room and draws the eye’s focus, so you want to make sure your guests are focusing on something special. A gorgeous chandelier can add that extra sparkle your space needs. Here are a few tips for hanging your dining room chandelier:


Hang yourchandelier so that its lowest point is 30-34 inches from the tabletop (we always suggest leaning toward the higher end of this margin).


The diameter for a chandelier hung over a table should be one foot less than the width of the tabletop to avoid hitting heads. If you want to place two smaller chandeliers over a long table, choose a diameter that’s about one-third of the width of the table.

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#2. Find the Perfect Fine China for Your Table

Remember those gorgeous, artisan heirloom plates that got passed down to you when you got married? Where are they again? …because it’s time to dust them off. Lots of people have beautiful dining accessories or family heirloom piecesthat go untouched, living somewhere in the dark recessesof the curio cabinet.

We understand that these pieces are special and not for daily use, but when you want to elevate the look of your dining room, show off these great pieces and give them their chance to shine! And if you haven’t updated your serveware in a while, make this year the year you do and shop our collection at Kathy Kuo Home.

Can’t remember the formal way to set a table? Read a quick refresh here.

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#3. Mix Styles in Your Dining Room

When it comes to dining rooms, the truth of the matter is that a lot of them just look the same. Everyone knows what a traditional dining room with a table and chairs will look like. One easy way to change it up and instantly elevate your dining spaceis to choose dining chairs from different styles for a fun and eclectic (but still cohesive) room.

If you’re wary of the mismatched look, consider replacing just the two end chairs; the result will provide more visual interest than a traditional dining room set, but there will still be symmetry to give your dining room that gracious, classically composed look.

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#4 Combine Different Chairs for a Glam Effect

If your design style is a bit more daring (which we highly encourage!), you can carefully combine three or more different types of chairs for a striking effect.The key is the right combinationof silhouettesand materials. Try to pick pieces that speak the same visual language—even if they’re working with contrasting styles. Pair a traditional table with acrylic chairs. Or buy a modern table and flank it with French country dining chairs and a mid-century style bench.

You also want to make sure the chairs have equal visual weight. Forall dining chair combinations, the biggest concern is seat height. Seat height should be equal across chairs so that diners are all at the same level.

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#5. Revamp Your Dining Room with a Rug

The rug (if there even is one) may be one of the most overlooked details of the dining room…but it makes all the difference. Ground the room with an interesting print or color that brings the room together. Your guests will appreciate the soft underfoot as well. Not sure what rug size is right for the size of your dining room? Check out our handy infographic here on the blog, and then head over to shop our rugs online here.

This article originally appeared as a contributing article to our friend The Chriselle Factor. This version has been updated and modified.

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5 Ways to Make Your Dining Room Look More Expensive | Kathy Kuo Home (2024)


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